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The W Stull Holt project is underway.  It can be viewed in detail at the Grampy page.

See Jim's Astronomy Pages, now under development.


The membership and data list is currently being created.


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bulletJim and Steph are in Tucson for the winter.
bulletArron is in Chandler, Az. Learning how to be a golf pro.
bulletKevin is in Phoenix, learning how to be a catcher with the Rangers.
bulletScott, Tonii and Emma are dodging fires in San Diego, and are OK.


bulletJan 03 - Scott
bulletJan 25 - Jocelyn
bulletJan 31 - Lisa
bulletFeb 21 - Aaron
bulletFeb 26 -  Grant
bulletMarch 11 - Julie
bulletJune 06 - Brian
bulletAug 04 - Jim
bulletAug 24 - Tonii
bulletAug 30 - Steph
bulletSept 13 - Suzanne
bulletSept 15 - Emma
bulletSept 17 - Kevin
bulletSept 29 - Lee
bulletOct 10 - Teddy the Dog



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